Business Cards

Last weekend I got to print some business cards for some really cool ladies:

The Fox Knows is an Etsy shop selling vintage fabrics and sewing supplies and it's owned by my friend Marina. She wanted her business cards to also have the option to be used as hang tags on her fabrics. This gave us a little more freedom to have fun with the shape of the cards. I designed the logo in the winter and I'm so happy to finally see them in card form.

In my last blog post I talked about my friend Emily's shop Bon Fire Craft. This past weekend I got to print her business cards and they came out awesome. I love the speckle tone paper she chose and the gold frame on the outside gives it a little something extra. If you didn't visit her online shop before, you're missing out on some gorgeous jewelry. 

I love designing and printing business cards so if you're interested in getting some cards made that are a little bit more special than your average online-template style cards, contact me through the site! 

I've got some really cool things in the works, so stay tuned :)